Our Group

Our story

Halisol was born out of Dr Nicole Bru’s desire to continue her work in the world of healthcare after she sold Laboratoires UPSA to Bristol-Myers Squibb, an American pharmaceutical conglomerate. In 1994, Halisol naturally directed its first investments towards the pharmaceutical industry. Halisol scored its first successes by becoming shareholder in the Pharmafarm laboratory, Medix laboratory (owner of Biafine) and Quies, companies that increased their revenue and profits when Halisol held a part of their capital.

Starting in 2002, Halisol enlarged the scope of its strategy based on both sectoral and geographic diversification, and in 2017 refocused its investments on private equity funds, private debt funds, infrastructure and real estate funds, and direct investment in unlisted companies. For the most part, investments are predominantly directed at Europe, with more selective exposure in North America and Asia.

Our values

Halisol’s mission is to be a leading investment company for business development. Applying strict investment criteria, Halisol believes firmly that the human dimension is central to achievement: it maintains that the entrepreneur project developer is the keystone of success.