Our Strategy

We select the investment funds that are most likely to generate long-term value creation in their investments and for their shareholders.

We choose investors who:

  • focus on long-term growth, new ventures and creativity;
  • offer tailor-made solutions to organisations and their executives, without restrictions on the term of investment;
  • provide them with an additional investment capability as they carry out their transactions;
  • monitor and adapt to innovations sparked by the digitisation of our economies;

  • believe that managers’ interests must be aligned with those of their investors, and that they must be financially involved in the success of their business;
  • share their culture of direct investment and in this regard acknowledge the importance of responsiveness and teamwork in decision-making;
  • are keen to promote sustainable development and respect for the environment;
  • work alongside them to achieve their strategic objectives.

The assets managed by Halisol are directed mainly towards private equity funds as well as direct investment opportunities in unlisted companies (co-investments or minority transactions).